The Beach

A city situated at the center of where east meets west. The currents and winds bring with them a diversity of life that works in unison to bring out a natural individualizing charm that defines “Tel-Avivian” Society.

Tel Aviv’s Beaches retain a relaxing mission statement of keeping it simple and giving the stage to nature, the people, and most importantly the ocean, but this comes in many forms. The whole coastline of Tel Aviv is about an Hour and a half’s walk across.  Renoma stands at the center of this experience providing our guest with many choices at the palm of their hands. If you were to begin your morning at Yafo, you would find a mesmerizing micro diversity at first glance. A small city in its own respects, where Christians, Muslims, and Jews, combine their own version of cultural passion to Israel that can’t be mimicked. A city built in ancient times, sets cultural tone for this secular yet spiritual ocean front. Thriving markets, filled with Carpets, Middle East antiques, art galleries and food that takes you around the world, a true landmark of Israel that survived due to her commitment to upholding the civilizing spirit of a port city.

Making your way up the renovated and updated Tel Aviv Beaches is no boring commute. Every couple blocks you’ll come across unique parks, restaurants, museums, and community centres. The combination of green grass, and sand. Children playing, and migrating birds chirping in the wind, gives a natural sense of relaxation.

As you make your way to the Northern Port or “Namal” your experience changes again. Walking on a board walk with hangers to the right, full of fashion, art, food, and design, and a wonderful ocean view to the left. The board walk boasts architecture that odes symbolism to Tel Aviv’s modern minimalist identity. Spacious enough for bike goers to glide through, and children to run around and explore. A Fresh Farmers Market Sits at the Center of the Namal and offers, both Fine Dining, and quality fast food with some of the freshest produce, seafood, delicatessens, Poultry, and meat Israel has to offer. From south to north positive experiences shuffle architecture, food, and culture of so many places, but they all give Center stage to the most beloved member of Israeli Society, and that’s the Mediterranean Sea.

Cafe 'Trumpeldor'


Cafe ‘Trumpeldor’ Located on the ground floor of Hotel Renoma, ‘Cafe Trumpeldor’ invites guests to enjoy an a la carte breakfast, delicious salads, along with



Right under the nose of the Carmel Market, in a city where fresh is the way of life, it’s simple to go the extra mile,

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Single or double treatments are available for booking through the reception in our massage room

Bicycle Rental

Bicycle Rental

Tel Aviv is rooted from a culture of personal freedom, and connection with your surroundings, the city is stitched with bike lanes on

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Tel Aviv is in and of itself a city of fitness and health. There is healthy food on almost every corner, different bike paths,

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The point of living in Tel Aviv is really simple, if the city could talk, it would say “you’re not leaving until we

Bicycle Rental

The Beach

A city situated at the center of where east meets west. The currents and winds bring with them a diversity of life that