Hotel Renoma is proud to be able to provide a unique, and exciting guest experience.
Carefully laid out Rooms that give you the true sense of a Spacious Luxury Tel Aviv Home.

Renoma hotel provides a true luxury hospitality in the city of Tel Aviv, and we are eager to extend the experience. 
Enjoy the City, Enjoy the Sea, Enjoy Renoma.

Cafe 'Trumpeldor'


Cafe ‘Trumpeldor’ Located on the ground floor of Hotel Renoma, ‘Cafe Trumpeldor’ invites guests to enjoy an a la carte breakfast, delicious salads, along with



Right under the nose of the Carmel Market, in a city where fresh is the way of life, it’s simple to go the extra mile,

Renoma Spa Tel Aviv


Single or double treatments are available for booking through the reception in our massage room

Bicycle Rental

Bicycle Rental

Tel Aviv is rooted from a culture of personal freedom, and connection with your surroundings, the city is stitched with bike lanes on

Renoma Hotel & Apartments


Tel Aviv is in and of itself a city of fitness and health. There is healthy food on almost every corner, different bike paths,

Renoma Hotel & Apartments

Tel Aviv

The point of living in Tel Aviv is really simple, if the city could talk, it would say “you’re not leaving until we

Bicycle Rental

The Beach

A city situated at the center of where east meets west. The currents and winds bring with them a diversity of life that