Renoma is proud to be able to provide a unique and exciting guest experience. Carefully laid out rooms give you the true sense of a spacious luxury Tel Aviv home. The city’s gold sandy beach is just seconds from our front door, and everywhere you turn in Tel Aviv, you’ll find interesting things to discover. From coffee places and outdoor gyms to Bauhaus architecture and hip new bars, the city is packed with places to explore.
Enjoy the city, enjoy the sea, enjoy Renoma.

Cafe 'Trumpeldor'


Situated on the ground floor of our property, Cafe Trumpeldor has quickly become a must-visit spot for hotel guests and locals alike. Serving delicious fresh food and hand-crafted coffee.


Bar 51

Located a short stroll away from Tel Aviv’s famous Carmel Market, in a city where eating fresh food is a way of life, Bar 51 aims to go the extra mile.

Renoma Spa Tel Aviv


Located on the first floor of our dazzling mini tower, renoma is proud to offer a private spa lounge to its guests. You can enjoy a session in our dry sauna, a rain shower of essential oils, and a bespoke massage treatment in our private massage room.

Renoma bike tel aviv

Bicycle Rental

Tel Aviv is a city that’s all about freedom – and there’s no better way to feel free than to cycle along the coastline with the wind in your hair. renoma is proud to offer bike rental to its guests.

Renoma Hotel & Apartments


Health and fitness is the lifeblood of Tel Aviv. For those who view a trip to the gym as a daily essential, renoma is happy to offer you complimentary access to one of Tel Aviv’s best gyms, just a few steps from your room.

Renoma Hotel & Apartments

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city that defies description. Whether you choose to stroll around Rothschild Boulevard or explore the Yemenite quarter behind the Carmel Market;

Renoma Hotel Tel Aviv

The Beach

Tel Aviv beach is the place to see and be seen in this Mediterranean coastal town. But it’s hot out there, and we know you don’t want to worry about packing beach towels or paying for parasols when you’re on holiday!

Renoma Hotel & Apartments
Renoma Hotel & Apartments