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Bicycle Rental

Bike rental

Tel Aviv is a city that celebrates the freedom of its residents. There is no better way to feel free and explore the various gems this metropolitan has to offer than to cycle through its beautiful streets, parks and boulevards. Our guests are welcome to rent bicycles for the day.

Here’s our recommended route for you: Head left on the promenade as you exit the hotel and cycle south. You will pass by Tel Avivians working out, surfing, meditating and practicing yoga on the sand. As you approach Charles Clore Park, the lights of the ancient port of Jaffa will twinkle in the distance, beckoning you to travel further. Jaffa is a mesmerizing, living piece of history: You can cycle through its little alleyways all afternoon, and then head over during the sunset to the Old City, where we suggest you get off the bike and take a stroll by foot to really enjoy the charms of the city. Finish your day with a cocktail in one of the Flea Market’s popular bars for an unforgettable experience.